You can create different types of online stores.

To create full e-commerce with cart:
Drag & drop "Commerce" from main toolbar;
Choose shopping cart composition;
Select "Payment Gateways" in right toolbar;
Enable required payment gateways and click "Apply";
Drag and drop "Commerce" from main toolbar;
Choose store composition;
Select "Edit products" in right toolbar;
Edit your products and click "Apply".

Drag & drop "Commerce" from main toolbar;
Select payment gateway (e.g., Stripe);
Fill required fields (your credentials for payment system, item name, shipping, etc.) in right toolbar.

The store plugin of SiteCritter has an API for advanced users to track and manage orders, you can also track and manage your orders from within the builder from the right toolbar.

Select store and in right toolbar click "Invoices";
Select "API Keys" at top of the window;
Click "Add item" to create a new API key;
Write "Name" for your key and select "Enable";
Click "Show API documentation" to see base URL.

To categorise your products:
Select "Store" composition;
Select store and click "Edit products" in right toolbar;
Select categories for each products;
(Optional) Select icon in Categories (Filter) section to edit categories;
Click "Apply".

To show the particular products' category on the specific page:
Open page where you want to show products’ category in website builder;
Select "Store" and select "Listing" in right toolbar;
In "Category" dropdown list choose what category to show on that page.

Go to Page structure on the right side of your website builder;
Сlick on the "Shopping Cart";
In right toolbar select "Payment Gateways";
Select payment gateway and select "Enabled" on top of window;
Fill in the payment information and click "Apply".

Select your store and click "Check orders" in right toolbar;
Click "Details" to see order details;
Click next to "Status";
Choose order status from dropdown menu.