Websites built with SiteCritter usually get a high Google score.
Your website's Google score depends on your content:
- use images of optimal size;
- don't use a lot of third-party widgets.
Fill in the information for the search engine (SEO);
To index your website in google search, we recommend you to connect your website to a Google Search Console and submit a sitemap;
To find a link to your sitemap:
Go to "Settings" (at the top of the website builder);
Go to "Settings" and switch to "Analytics";
See your link in "Sitemap URL".

Use titles and subtitles on your pages:
Use headers to create better textual content;
Choose text and on top toolbar choose "Edit Text". Choose heading type;
Each page can have only one H1, it is title of your page;
H2 and H3 tags is for new sections and subsections;
Key phrases should be included in heading.
Use alternative text for images:
Before uploading image change name of file to better represent image;
Space bar needs to be changed to hyphen in file name (e.g., "good-day.jpg");
Add image;
On right toolbar add "Alternative Text".
Add elements names:
Add element;
Scroll down to "Advanced" in right toolbar and add "Anchor name".
Add links:
Highlight text and press icon in main toolbar;
In "Link properties" choose type of link;
Click "Apply".
Multilingual content:
You can add multiple languages to your website;
Change "Alternative Text" for images in each language;
Change description for each language.

Name your domain relevant to your business;
Use country code top level domains (ccTLDs). Example: for UK domains;
.ru for Russia domains;
.blog for blogs;
.shop for e-commerce;
.art for art websites;
See the most popular domain zones;
Try to avoid using hyphen in your domain name;
The longer your domain has existed, the better it is indexed by search engines.

To make your URL user-friendly:
Go to "Settings" (on top of builder);
Go to "Pages" and switch to "SEO" tab;
Customise name in "User friendly URL":
- You can specify alias for each page except for homepage.
- Homepage does not have any alias;
- Words need to be separated by a hyphen.

Also, user-friendly URLs are automatically integrated into e-commerce! Product category names are used to generate matching URLs to improve navigation. This feature is active by default.

To add a Google search console you have to:
Go to "Settings" (on the top of the builder);
Go to "Settings" and switch to "Analytics";
Paste the Google Search Console Verification Code;
Click "Apply".

Hover over "Settings" menu;
Click on "Settings" and switch to "Analytics";
Insert "Google Analytics Measurement ID" and click "Apply".

For more information on how to find your Measurement ID, please refer to the official Google Analytics Help article.